12 Feet Trampolines

12ft trampolines work well in large backyards.  Always measure the area you use the trampoline.  You do not want to return it after you have already started to assemble it.  Also, remember to include the clearance area around the outside of the trampoline.  If you are purchasing a 12ft trampoline with an enclosure you only need to add a 2ft clearance area.  However, if you are interested in a trampoline without an enclosure (in-ground trampoline) you will need to add an additional 8ft clearance area.

No matter what size trampoline you buy, they all come with a weight restriction.  12ft trampolines come with a weight restriction of approximately 200lbs.

If you are would like to increase the size look at our 14ft trampoline.

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Which is the Best 12ft Trampoline?

12ft TrampolinePriceImageRating
1 - Giantex Check AMAZONimage of Giantex 12 FT trampoline9.8

2 - Skywalker Jump n Dunk
Check AMAZONimage of Skywalker 12 ft Trampoline jump n dunk camo9.5
3 - Skywalker PurpleCheck AMAZONimage of Skywalker 12ft Trampolines jump n dunk purple9.4
4 - Merax
Check AMAZONimage of merax 12ft trampoline9.2
5 - OrccCheck AMAZONimage of ORCC 12ft Trampoline9.0
6 - ZupapaCheck AMAZONimage of Zupapa 12ft trampoline8.9
Image of 12 feet skywalker trampoline

Skywalker 12 Feet Trampoline