Image of 5 feet skywalker trampoline

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Skywalker 5 Feet Trampoline

Lanxgun 60” / 5ft Trampoline

Giantex 55” Trampoline

6ft trampolines are good for a small size garden or backyard.   It is important to measure the area you are planning to place the trampoline.  You do not want to have to return a trampoline because it is too big for your garden.  Trampolines with safety nets need a 2ft clearance of the surrounding area.  An 8ft clearance is needed for a trampoline without a safety enclosure (for example an in-ground trampoline).  Therefore, when making your calculation on the size of the trampoline for your backyard remember to include the extra distance for the clearance area.

All trampolines come with a weight restriction.  So, bear this in mind when choosing the size of the trampoline for your family.  6ft trampolines generally have a weight restriction of around 130lb and for safety reasons is only advised to have one jumper at any given time.

If your garden is slightly bigger you might be better looking at our 8ft trampolines.

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