8 Feet Trampolines

8ft trampolines are perfect for small to medium size backyard or garden.  Measure the area you are going to place the trampoline before you place your order.  If you are buying a trampoline with a safety enclose you only need to have 2ft clearance area around the trampoline.  If you are buying a trampoline without a safety enclosure (perhaps an inground trampoline) you will need to add an 8ft clearance area around the trampoline.

8ft trampolines are only meant to support 1 jumper at a time, the weight limit is around 175lbs.  We all know rules are meant to be broken but keep the weight limit in mind when deciding if an 8ft trampoline is the right size for you.

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Which is the Best 8ft Trampoline?

Image of 8 feet skywalker jump n dunk trampoline

Skywalker 8 Feet Jump N Dunk Trampoline