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Best Bounce Board For My Trampoline

Have you tried the latest craze of trampoline bounce boarding? Bounce boarding used to only be for extreme athletes training in their aerial work, but now it’s become a fun sport of its own for anyone to try. It’s so easy, just strap the board to your feet and start jumping. This is one of the best new trampoline accessories available at the moment. We have reviewed the top 5 bounce boards, so take a look and see if one will suit your needs.

Trampoline Bounce Board FAQ

What is a Trampoline Bounce Board?

A trampoline bounce board is a rigid foam board that attaches to your feet. It is specially designed out of soft material that will not damage your trampoline. This board is great for snowboarders and wakeboarders to practice their technique without being injured.

How to use a bounce board?

Bounce boards are often being used by extreme sports athletes to safely practice their aerial tricks. The trampoline gives them a safe environment to perfect that aerial without injuring themselves. Asmal people have started bounce boarding on the trampoline it has gained a cult following. With some tricks that are only capable of being done on the trampoline and not down the mountain.

How to use a bounce board?

Using a balance board is relatively easy, you just place your feet on the board and tighten the velcro straps. Then you stand up and start bouncing it’s that easy!

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