Best Trampoline Replacement Mat

There is so much fun to derive from having the best trampoline replacement mat. Literally, you can jump better than any trained jumping jack. However, trampoline mats get easily worn out from the trampolines. They bear all the impact and pressure while you are jumping and landing hard on them.

More than jumping, some other factors are responsible for the worn-out process of trampoline mats. However, we’re not about to spell out these factors. Why should we anyway? You wouldn’t possibly find a way to avert most of these factors.

It’s not a great idea trying to have fun on broken trampoline mats. If yours is broken, then you should change them. But before you do, you should know which trampoline mat is the best trampoline replacement mat.

To make life easier, I have made a list of them and streamlined the list to only the top 5 of these trampoline mats you should consider when trying to replace your trampoline. Let’s explore more.

5 Best Trampoline Replacement Mat

The trampoline replacement mat market is flooded with fancy and irresistible options of trampoline mat replacement. It becomes very difficult and almost impossible to correctly identify which replacement mat option is durable and of good quality. 

As a result, I will be introducing you to the 5 best trampoline replacement mats you should go for. They are as listed below:

1. SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat

The SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat has many features that make it unique. It has a width of 144 inches which makes it very fitting for a 14-foot diameter circle-shaped trampoline. Some other notable features include;

  • Spring size of 8.5 inches
  • SkyBound is very durable and with good stitching which works perfectly for heavy-duty.
  • It has stronger rings that are durable and help keep the mat in good shape while it is mounted to the trampoline.
  •  It is coated with UV sun protection which helps reduce its vulnerability to the sun. 


  • It has a long-term warranty of five years.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial covering


  • Takes time to install.

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2. Skywalker Trampoline Mat

Safety should be your first concern whenever it comes to the selection of the trampoline replacement mat. However, you shouldn’t be so concerned when it comes to the Skywalker Trampoline mat. That’s a very bold statement to make. However, the process involved in making the Skywalker Trampoline mat is very thorough. If you feed yourself with the details of how it’s done, then you will have just the same confidence to make the same bold statement I made.

What’s more? There is a 1-year warranty on the Skywalker trampoline mat. This implies that if your mat breaks (which is unlikely to happen) within one year, you can return it for a new one. Now that one hell of a surety! More reason why you should really consider this product. Wait! There’s more. Check out some more additional features;

  • Ever heard of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards? Well, the Skywalker trampoline mat surpasses these standards.
  • The materials are quality and are specially made to reduce the impact of the UV rays. The materials are made of polypropylene and are carefully woven to increase friction. In essence, you’d find it hard to fall on this mat.

Great mat! You should try it out or possibly buy it. However, before you buy this product, you should go for the one that perfectly sizes your trampoline.


  • It is made up of durable materials.
  • It is risk-free.
  • It is well stitched.


  • It is expensive.

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3. Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat

The Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat is suitable for many trampolines. It works perfectly fine as a replacement mat since it’s made of polypropylene. So much more can be said about how this mat can last over a long period under the sun without losing its qualities. This accounts for how durable the mat is. Some notable features of the Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat include:

  • It’s built with UV resistance; not easily affected by sun.
  • It is made for an 11 FT round trampoline frame.
  • It has a heavy-duty mesh material from certified Polypropylene with up to eight-row stitching.
  • It comes with a warranty that lasts for about a year.


  • Great UV-resistant, and fade-resistant material.
  • It made up of durable materials.
  • It has 8 rows of stitching at the edges.


  • It doesn’t have a spring tool.

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4.JumpTastic Trampoline Replacement Mat

The JumpTastic Trampoline Replacement Mat is great and best known for its reliability. It would work perfectly for a 14-foot trampoline size. Some other notable features include;

  • Like most quality trampoline mats, JumpTastic is UV-resistant with special PP materials to lengthen their life span.
  • It is equipped with strong and durable V-rings and bands.


  • It is affordable.
  • It has heavy-duty V-rings.
  • It is made up of USA Permatron fabric material.


  • It doesn’t have UV-resistant rings.

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5.Merax Trampoline Mat Replacement

Merax Trampoline Mat Replacement is one of the best trampoline replacement mats you should use for many reasons. Added to the list of its qualities, below are the notable features it possesses:

  • It is suitable for a 12 to 14 feet trampoline.
  • It is UV-protected
  • It is durable and of good quality.


  • It has a spring tool included.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is UV, weather, and puncture-resistant


  • Takes time to install.

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What to Look For In a New Trampoline Mat

  • Trampoline mats are very sleek with fine texture good for jumping. Yet, a lot of factors add up to make the mat suitable for jumping. For the best experience, you must understand these factors. By simply knowing what you should be looking out for in trampoline mats, you can avoid several disasters and a possible case of injury. Below are the things to look out for before buying a new trampoline mat:
  • Check the quality of material used
  • Firstly, you should make careful observation of the materials that the trampolines are made of. The material will tell you so much about the kind of safety and quality you will get from such trampoline mats. Many of the trampoline mats are made by permeating polypropylene and plastic fiber.
  • Check the strength of the ring
  • Trampoline mats should have very firm and strong ring holds. This is usually what firmly holds the mat once it is mounted on to your trampoline.
  • It must perfectly size your Trampoline
  • Lastly, the mats are no good if they don’t fit well into your trampolines. Always check that you have the right and proper measurement before you purchase the mats.

How To Measure A Trampoline Mat

Measurement is a very important factor you must put into consideration before buying a trampoline mat. Your trampoline mat should perfectly fit your trampoline. To make life easier, you should know the size of your trampoline mat diameter. However, there are some methodologies you must adhere to for accurate measurements. Below is a guide on how to measure your trampoline mat:

  • Imagine your trampoline mats are very much similar to a clock from top to bottom view. Now you should take two measurements. By visualizing, especially for a circle-shaped trampoline mat, you would see what form your mat is taking and by default, know what measurement to take.
  • You should take two measurements; one from imaginary 12 to 6 o’clock, and the second measurement will run from imaginary 3 to 9 o’clock. Whatever you get as the average of the two measurements is your trampoline approximate mat size. Always round up any decimal number to the nearest significant whole number.
  • In addition to measuring the mats, you must also pay due attention to the numbers of v-ring on your trampoline mat. See that it matches the amount of spring on your trampoline. While counting these v-rings, it’s common to get lost. It is advisable to use markings.  It is easily done by marking your starting point so that you don’t lose sight of it. To be sure you have the right number, you should count as much as two to three times. With these measurements, you are almost set to go.
  • One last thing that needs attention is your trampoline springs. Remove about 3 rings and take their measurement from hook-end to hook-end. Take the average of these three springs, and that’s your spring length.

Note that the springs you are trying to measure should not be stretched or saggy. To be on the safer side, take a piece of paper and try to insert it in between the springs coils. You should not be able to slide the paper through. If otherwise, then the ring you are trying to measure is already stretched. Go for another one. If you don’t properly measure these springs then your new replacement might be getting too tensed or too saggy. This is as a result of under-measuring it or over-measuring the spring.

How to Replace The Trampoline Mat

The jumping mat is a great way of having a nice time with your family. However, your fun time can be sabotaged if your jumping mat gets worn. In fact, knowing how to change the mat will come in handy when your trampoline mat needs changing. If you think you will always hire professionals to help you change your jumping mats, you might not be making a smart decision. Instead, you should know how to properly replace your trampoline mat by yourself. You can follow the processes below to properly replace your trampoline mats;

  1. Firstly, place the new trampoline mat on the old mat.
  2. Uncover your trampoline pad to unveil the springs that hold your old mat in position.
  3. Undo the rope that holds the trampoline pads to the spring.
  4. With someone working opposite you, undo every spring from the old mat and redo them to the new mat one at a time.
  5. The old trampoline pad should fall off to the ground.
  6. Tie the trampoline pad on to the spring again.

Someone must work directly opposite you. This is to avoid unnecessary strain on your new trampoline mats.

When Do I Need To Replace The Trampoline Mat?

Knowing how to change your trampoline mat is not enough; you should also know when your jumping mat is due for replacement. There are some signs you should be watching out for before concluding that you need to change your trampoline mat.

Ideally, it’s advisable to change your trampoline mats after 2 years of usage. However, if you jump with your shoes on, then you will be forced to change your trampoline mats much earlier. Without further ado, here are some signs that will tell you if your trampoline mat is due for a replacement:

  • Colors fade: An original jumping mat should be UV protected. So when it starts to lose color, then you should know its durability has expired.
  • Worn out: It becomes obvious most times in the form of a tear. Jumping mats are of no good once they start tearing.
  • Lag: Jumping mats should always be firm. So if you see a lag, replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions                                            

How long does it take to replace a trampoline mat?

It would take you approximately 15 minutes to completely replace your trampoline mats.

Can I replace the trampoline springs?

Yes, you can replace the spring if they need changing.

What is the difference between the trampoline mat and the trampoline pad?

The trampoline mat is the jumping mat area where you can jump and feel the mat pull you back up. The trampoline pad is merely there as a finesse touch so that the spring is not out in the open. You must never consider jumping on the trampoline pad.

How can I measure the trampoline mat?

Check our description of how to measure trampoline mats.

Wrapping Up

You can have the best jump experience on your trampoline. All you have to do is opt for the best trampoline replacement mats. However, with so many best options available, the question is now which is right. With the information in this article, you shouldn’t have any issues going for the best trampoline mats that suit your taste.

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