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How to Start Rebounding

Rebounding is a fantastic form of exercise.  It is low impact so is very easy on the joints, which means anyone of any age can do it, no matter what your fitness level.  Rebounding can help you lose weight, detox, build muscle, improve stability and balance. Ideally you want to be rebounding for about 15 mins a day.  This can be broken into three 5 mins sessions during the day until you feel comfortable with the rebounder.  If you have...
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The Health Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounders or mini trampolines are all the buzz at the moment with their amazing health benefits and low impact on the body and joints. The idea of rebounding has been around since 1975, it gained popularity in the 1980s when NASA studied the benefits.  NASA was trying to find an effective way to help astronauts recover after being in space, by regaining bone and muscle mass. Astronauts can lose as much as 15% of their bone and muscle mass from...
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