7 Child Development Skills Children Learn From Lego

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LEGO is arguably the best educational toys you can give your children. Kids can learn a lot of skills, which is essential for their mental and cognitive development.  If you haven’t heard of the incredible educational value of Lego, this article will get you up to speed. If you are looking for the Best Lego Table, then take a look here. So, without further ado, here are seven important skills children can learn from LEGO.

7 Skills Children Learn While Playing With LEGO

Fine Motor Skills

Playing with LEGO helps kids to develop their fine motor skills. LEGO bricks are made in such a way that kids need to use their fingers to pick the pieces and put them together to build something. Children love building stuff, and if they can do this for hours.  You can be assured they’ll have strong little muscles in their hands that will help do other important things, such as writing.

A Sense of Accomplishment

LEGO bricks are designed to build things, and when kids make something, they beam with a sense of accomplishment. They feel happy and proud that they made something with their hands as well as their heart! They feel excited about the houses they built and how those minifigures live in them. A sense of accomplishment also boosts their self-confidence.


You need to be patient and persistent when making something with LEGO. Sometimes, the towers and houses, kids make with LEGO crumble down with one wrong move. This can be heartbreaking and make the children frustrated. But, children who play LEGO regularly don’t discourage them, and they start all over again.

Puzzle Solving

Building a tower or a house using LEGO is a puzzle. Some kids use an instruction booklet, and sometimes they create something using their own imagination and creativity. The point is kids learn to solve a puzzle when playing with little LEGO to form a plane, house, building, or creature.

Engineering Skills

This one is a no-brainer. Want to build a tower or bridge? Then you must build it on a flat surface, so it doesn’t topple. Children also learn that a tall building won’t stand on a single column. They learn these basics of building principles without ever knowing what engineering is. The thing is playing with LEGO will expose your children to a whole new world of possibilities!


LEGO is a great way for kids to express their creativity. Every LEGO creation is an art, and imagination is the only limit. Kids can become great builders and creators while playing with hundreds of tiny LEGO pieces. There are LEGO wheels, shapes, and even cute “people” figures to keep your children’s creative juices flowing.

Learning Science & Math

LEGO can be a useful, entertaining, and even therapeutic way to teach your children the basics of science and mathematics. Children become thrilled while building a tower as high as possible, and when it reaches its peak, they hold their breath as their LEGO skyscraper falls over and breaks into a million pieces. Believe it or not, your little ones have a lot of fun doing this—over and over! 

It’s also worth mentioning that when a child plays with LEGO, they become familiar with various quantity, volume, symmetry, patterns, and more.  Let’s not forget about addition, subtraction, and combining different shapes to come up with unique shapes.

There you go—there are so many important skills children can learn when playing with LEGO. All they need to do is play!

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