How to Measure a Trampoline

It is always a good idea to measure the area where you are going to put the trampoline just to be sure it will fit. There has been some confusion as to whether you should only measure the mat or the frame as well. All trampolines are measure in a standard way which includes the metal frame as well as the mat.

Measuring Round Trampolines

A round trampoline is measured straight across the middle of the trampoline. This will enable us to find out the diameter. You just need to measure from one side of the metal frame to the other side.

  1. Measure from one metal edge to the other medtal edge of the trampoline, right through the middle.
  2. Remember you always need at least 2 ft clearance around the outside of the trampoline for safety.
Measure the diameter

In order to measure the size of a round trampoline, it is important to take into account the frame as well as the jumping surface. For this purpose, one must start at the outer metal edge of the trampoline and measure straight across to the opposite side, to the outer metal edge of the trampoline.

To measure a round trampoline is not as hard as you think it seems. It is quite easy. Although there are some things you should pay attention to. Most people think trampolines measurement is limited to the trampolines mat. This is not true for a round trampoline, and it’s also not true for many trampoline frame sizes and shapes.

However, to do it rightly, you should only measure the frame and frame diameter. Not the mat! Finding the real diameter of a trampoline means you need to measure from the outside edge. Also, you will need to attach the metal frames and pole end to a hook.

Step-by-step guide for accurately measuring a round trampoline    

  • Measure straight across from one outside edge of the frame size to the other. Your measurement should be a straight line that cuts the trampoline into two halves.
  • You would also have to take another measurement of the trampoline starting from the outside edge just as before. However, this time your measurement would have to be perpendicular to the previous diameter measurement. You’d have to measure the whole enclosure.
  • Measuring the diameter of your trampoline twice and perpendicularly to each other is ideal to get an accurate measurement. Sometimes the metal frame of trampolines can be bent or fractured. In this situation, simply measuring across the jumping pad/trampoline mat once won’t be accurate.
  • After these two measurements, take an average of both diameters. The answer you get is approximately the size.

Note that before you measure the frame size, you should aim to properly attach the springs.

6ft Trampolines

Measuring Square Trampolines

Unlike measuring the round trampolines where you would take your measurement across and perpendicularly, square trampolines are measured accurately by measuring each of the trampolines’ outer legs.

And yes! It’s also true for a square trampoline that you must measure from the outside edge and not limiting your measurement to the mat. However, before you measure the frame and the trampoline size, you should properly set up the springs, poles, and mats.

Measure the length and width

How to measure a square-shaped trampoline enclosure

  • Ignore the trampoline mats for now, start your measurement from the outer edge of the trampoline. Start from either of the shorter sides.
  • Measure one of the short sides of the square trampoline straight across to the other end.
  • It is a square trampoline, hence its sides are equal. However, you can measure parts of the legs to be certain all sides are equal.
  • These two-side measurements of the trampoline will make up its size. Ideally, you should have something like a 10 X 10 as your measurement.

14ft Trampolines

Measuring Rectangular Trampolines

There are no hidden secrets to getting the right size and measurement of a trampoline frame. The truth of it lies in getting the accurate length. So, like every other trampoline measurement, you also cannot start measuring a rectangular and octagonal trampoline from within.

However, to get an accurate answer, your measurement should be made from outside. And the Trampoline springs, parts, pad, hook end, and mats have to be properly set up before you can begin to measure your trampoline. Compared to the square-shaped trampoline that has equal sides, the rectangular-shaped has only two opposite sides equal. Hence, several poles are needed to keep your octagonal and rectangular trampolines in good condition.

Measure the length and width

How to measure a rectangular trampoline

  • Start measuring from the two shorter sides. Measure straight across, starting from one end of the outer edge to the other.
  • It is advisable to start measuring from the longer edge/legs of the rectangular trampoline.
  • The average of the measurements of each leg (one long and one short leg) will give you the accurate size of the trampoline. You don’t need to pay any attention to the spring size of the trampoline. They are usually not necessary for determining the size.

In recent times, confusion surrounds the topic of how to measure a trampoline. The trampoline comes in different sizes, shapes, and parts. And it is best to be sure about its measurement. By doing this, you will know the amount of your backyard you might have to leave for the trampoline.

When you measure a trampoline, you should consider the shape and size. Here, the trampoline mat is just a mere addition. For the round one, you must measure the diameter. You should also measure the frame diameter. The measurement of other shapes would be similar as they all include measuring enclosure poles. This is why you need to know how to measure trampolines, irrespective of their shapes, size, and hook end.

10ft Trampolines

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