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Monsters don’t necessarily have to be big and scary. Certain trampolines are monstrosities in themselves, not because they are bad, but because they are awesomely big. Talking about the largest round trampolines and you know what that means, much more space to jump, not just for one, but for multiple people, children, and adults alike.

Below are some of the largest trampolines available for sale:

1. Skywalker Oval Trampolines 17 feet

The Skywalker Oval trampoline is built to last and is certified by the American Society for testing and materials. This model consists of rust-resistant steel and wind stakes designed to keep the trampoline strong and standing whenever the weather turns bad.

The oval-shaped trampoline is designed to cut out all gaps through its enclosure system. This way, the issue of slipping through the trampoline is eliminated. Additionally, to combat the structural twisting, peculiar to some trampolines, the T-sockets are reinforced, and the jump mat is UV protected and evenly woven.

The springs of the trampolines are long and rust resistant and the pad is coated with thick vinyl to discourage fading.

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2. Galactic Xtreme 14 x 16 feet

A product of Happy trampoline, the Galactic Xtreme is designed with the best quality to ensure that whilst you are having fun, your safety is also guaranteed. The trampoline is designed to afford you value for your money as it has a lifetime guarantee on both the springs and the frame.

Available in a range of sizes, this trampoline comes with fully rust-protected long springs designed to contain extreme weight and offer bigger bounces. Patented 4 leg frames, sturdy, shock absorbing and ruggedly built with its steel tubing galvanized both on the inside and outside gives further assent to the durability of the trampoline.

As an added safety measure, it comes with a net enclosure, situated around the trampoline for inexperience and seasoned trampoline users.

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3. JumpSport AlleyOOP 10 x 17 feet

An innovation embracing safety in its design, the AlleyOOP is designed with advanced engineering and materials rich in quality to prevent falls and accidents. It comes with a net design fused with a built-in fail-safe backup system that keeps the break rate of the net at the barest minimum, and doorways that overlap to ensure that the issue of fall out, slip outs, and breakdown are eliminated.

For various users of the trampoline who might be looking to have some high flying actions, the trampoline which comes with extra-thick pad covering that gives room for smooth and enjoyable landing is easy to set up and eases the stress of the mind of parents.

To ensure that nothing puts a dent in the fun you are looking forward to having, the trampoline comes with rest zones that allow you to rest without exiting the trampoline and also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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4. JumpSport Stage Bounce 10 x 17 feet

By far one of the largest trampolines offer.  The sweet spot of a trampoline is always the landing spot. The JumpSport stage bounce trampoline allows users to enjoy the sweet spot trampoline experience through its patented technology and springs which stretches evenly during a bounce to pave way for a smooth bounce.

The stage bounce trampoline is all about the jumping surface. They are designed to reduce the risk of getting injured when in use and have a 10-year warranty. As a plus, the trampoline is designed to satisfy diverse users ranging from athletes to gymnasts, kids, and cheerleaders. The frames of the trampolines are cold rolled for added durability and strength.

Whether adults or children, these sets of trampolines are designed to handle whatever weight you want to throw on them.

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