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Reasons Why Trampolines Are Safe

Trampolines are all about the fun.  With all this jumping, rolling and falling its understandable that under some circumstances, like any other sport, injuries can occur.   It’s about finding the right balance between fun and safety for your family.  Below you find some reasons why trampolines are safe and how to implement safety procedures for your family


You might have been considering getting a trampoline for your kids, but you are not sure if they are really safe.  Accidents do occur on trampolines.  But there are things you can do to minimize the chances of having an accident.

To ease your mind, the following are some safety measures that indicate how safe trampolines are:


Trampoline Jumping Rules

  • Only one person jumping at a time
  • Don’t let the kids bounce too high and lose control. This is when they are more likely to fly into the safety net enclosure.
  • No somersaults, backflips etc, even for older more experienced children
  • Always use the ladder to get on and off the trampoline. No jumping from the mat to the ground.
  • Remove any jewelry and items in your pockets
  • Supervise the kids on the trampoline at all times
  • Check that the mat is not wet from the rain. This will make it more slippery and dangerous.
  • Check the mat and safety enclosure regularly for holes and tears.


Safety Feature on Trampolines

Trampolines these days come with a lot of standard safety features.  So when you are looking at buying a trampoline, check that they have these:

  • Protected spring pads: To achieve higher jumps, trampolines often feature springs. To prevent injuries upon impact with the trampolines, the springs are covered with pads and mats.
  • Protected frame: imagine landing or hitting an exposed frame on the trampoline. To prevent an accident like this from occurring, trampoline frames are either padded or placed outside the enclosure net.
  • Enclosure Net: most trampolines come with a safety net. This net protects jumpers from jumping too high and flying off the trampoline.


Choosing the best spot for your trampoline

Aside from keeping it safe on the trampoline, it is important where you place it. Here are few tips on choosing a trampoline site

  • Trampolines should be installed on the flat ground. They should not be placed on any slope or small hill.
  • Avoid placing the trampolines concrete, tarmac, or any hard surface where a cushioned effect is impossible to achieve.
  • There should also be a 2 foot clearance zone around the trampoline.
  • After choosing a site, ensure that nothing is left or stored underneath the trampoline. This will ensure that nothing tears the mat.


Trampoline equipment requirement

  • The most important equipment required for a trampoline is the user manual. The manual contains all safety and assembling tips that will ultimately help in keeping you save on the trampoline.
  • Be aware that rectangular trampolines have a higher and stronger bounce. This is due to the fact not all springs are activated when you jump. It depends on your position on the mat which springs are used. Round trampolines are more advisable for smaller children.
  • Avoid trampolines that have no safety net and safety pads that keeps its springs covered.

With the right safety measures put in place, trampolines can be safe for everyone. If you want to enjoy a safe bounce, start putting safety first.


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