The Importance Of Learning With Legos For Toddlers

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Play is super important for the overall physical, mental, and cognitive development of a child. Especially during the first five years. It is at the critical growing stage synapses, and essential connections are taking place within the child’s brain. Here’s is why play is essential for a child’s overall physical growth and mental development.

6 Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Children to Play

There are several good reasons you should allow your kids to play. But we narrowed down to six. These are:

  1. Playing educates children on the cause and effects relationships.
  2. It develops their self-esteem.
  3. It promotes social interaction techniques and activities.
  4. Playing helps kids to become conscious of their inner strengths and weaknesses.
  5. It provides them with opportunities related to language, science, mathematics, and more.
  6. Playing boosts their health, stamina, and confidence.

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6 Reasons Why Children Should Play With LEGO

LEGO is one of the best educational toys for children. There’s a lot of kids who can benefit a lot from playing with LEGO, Duplo, and other building blocks toys. Playing with LEGO helps kids with their mental and cognitive development. Here are five crucial reasons why every parent should give their children LEGO.

  1. They learn about colors and can quickly identify them when building with LEGO.
  2. LEGO teaches kids strategizing skills.
  3. Children can learn the techniques of pre-planning when building things with LEGO.
  4. Playing with LEGO teaches children the cause and effect relationships.
  5. Kids who have played with LEGO while growing have good achievement in STEM subjects.
  6. Children can strengthen fine motor skills when playing with LEGO.

LEGOs Are A Critical Part of A Child’s Development

LEGOs are regarded to be the quintessential building blocks/construction toys globally and should be a huge part of any child when growing up. Anybody who has played with LEGO in their childhood can realize how important these cute, little colored bricks are too young children.

Making and playing is critical for a child’s overall development, as this is how children discover and learn about things around him/her and the world. Building or making things is an act of doing, and being a hands-on activity, it is a physical experience. When kids are making building towers, bridges, and buildings, they become aware of the world that is continuously being built and rebuilt around them.

For our children to develop as creative thinkers, we must provide children with opportunities, stimulating environments, and engaging materials to make exciting things. LEGO toys such as LEGO JUNIORS offer kids with materials to make and re-make items for a rewarding, non-frustrating experience.

So, remember when you are out hunting for that next big thing to buy for your child, don’t forget the importance of play with something like LEGO.

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