Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline

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Image of Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline


Trampoline Size:   42 inches Feet

Enclosure: No

Recommended ages:  3 – 7 years

Maximum Weight capacity:  80 lbs


The Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline is an indoor toddler trampoline that is designed for children 3 years and over.  This trampoline is a little different with its triangular shape.  It has easy grip handle bars that are similar to a bike.  This makes it very easy for the child to hold.



A great feature of the Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline is the music: Bounce Counting, Musical Statues, Silly Sounds, Animal Sounds and Memory Match.  The kids just love jumping along to the music.  You can also turn the music off, if you find it annoying.  This requires three AA batteries which are not included.  This toddler trampoline comes with 3 metal legs to make up the triangle.  There is a mesh mat that attaches to the frame via a bungee system.  A brightly colored safety pad covers the bungee system and protects little feet from becoming stuck.  It has a weight capacity of 80lbs, but this is too much weight and will stretch the bungee cords.  We recommend no more that 60lbs.  If you child is over 60lbs then you might want to consider a larger trampoline.



Sadly assembly is a nightmare for this toddler trampoline.  Please allow yourself plenty of time to assemble this trampoline.  The main problem with the assembly is having to do everything at the same time.  The trampoline mat has to be on while putting the frame together with the screws.  This is difficult to do while stretching and holding it together at the same time.   However, once together it is a great trampoline.

Assembly hint: Lay out the bungee cord and measure 1/3 and then 2/3 of the cord with a sharpie.  Then once you thread the bungee through you can look for the sharpie marks which need to line up at the corners.  This ensures that the tension is spread evenly.

Assembly time: Approximately 1.5 hour for 2 people.



Once this trampoline is assembled you will love it.  You can also use it outdoors as it fits through a standard doorway and this saves you having to disassemble it.  This is a very durable and safe trampoline that the kids will really enjoy.   With the added bonus of music for the kids to jump along to, it is a favorite.



9.0 /10


9.5 /10

Ease of installation

7.0 /10

Value for Money

9.0 /10


  • Safe
  • Kids can jump along to music


  • Difficult to install
  • Does not fold up