Pure Fun Kids Jumper Mini Trampoline

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Image of pure fun kids jumper trampoline


Trampoline Size:   38 inches x 38 inches x 9.5 inches (H)

Enclosure: No

Handrail Height:  30 inches

Recommended ages:  3 – 7 years

Maximum Weight capacity:  75 lbs


The Pure Fun Kids Jumper is a fantastic first mini trampoline for small kids.  Toddler trampolines are great for kids who have a lot of energy.  They also great for building coordination, balance, and build muscle and stamina.



This toddler trampoline consists of 4 angles legs which allows the mini trampoline to be more stable and reduce the risk of it tipping over.  The angle of the legs also means that the legs extend further than the mat, which means it takes up more space.  So if you plan to use this mini trampoline indoors then keep this in mind.  The mat attaches to the frame with a bungee system.  This means no springs for little feet to get caught in, so the bungee system is safer.  There is a curved safety bar for the kids to hold onto while bouncing.  The safety bar comes with a small amount of padding.  If you extra padding on the safety bar you can always add a pool noodle.



Even though this is a small trampoline assembly will take 2 people about an hour.  Just ensure that know which way the screws go into the legs and line up the circles with the circles and the squares with the squares.

Assembly time: Approximately 1 hour for 2 people.



This is a very sturdy and safe toddler trampoline.  It will keep the kids active and burn off that extra energy while building their motor skills at the same time.  This is an indoor trampoline but can be used outside for the day, and it is easy to move around.  So if you are looking for a toddler trampoline I would highly recommend the Pure Fun Kids Jumper.  The only down side to this trampoline is the assembly.  It takes a long time to assemble considering it is a small indoor trampoline.



9.5 /10


9.5 /10

Ease of installation

8.0 /10

Value for Money

8.5 /10


  • Safe
  • Good Quality


  • Takes times to assemble