Skywalker 5 Feet Trampoline

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Image of 5 feet skywalker trampoline


Trampoline Size:   5 Feet x 62 inches (H)

Enclosure: Yes

Enclosure Height:  47 inches

Recommended ages: 3 – 7 years

Weight capacity:  100 lb


The Skywalker 5 Feet Trampoline (60 inches) is a versatile trampoline which can be used both indoors and outdoors.  This trampoline uses a bungee system instead of springs.  I prefer the bungee system when the kids are younger because there will not be any pinched fingers or toes.  The bungee system doesn’t give as much bounce as a spring trampoline but considering the children are small I think the added safety benefit of no pinching from the springs out ways the difference in bounce.



The Skywalker 5 Feet Trampoline can help children who are still working on their balance.  They can use the bar that circles around the interior of the trampoline netting (red circle). The bar is sturdy enough for a child to hold onto whilst jumping without causing the trampoline to tip.  So this trampoline is a nice transition for kids who may be used to jumping on the smaller toddler trampolines with the safety bar.



When assembling the trampoline you want to ensure that the door is between two poles.  Also the poles should go in the space between the red sleeves, on the inside of the netting. To do this look for the seam and line it up with the pole.  It is always a good idea to spread the tension of the elastics by attaching every 4th or 5th bungee.  Also note initially as you are still putting all the pieces together the circle is uneven.  You can correct this after you put the legs and enclosure poles together.  If you are concerned about the foam coming off you can always use zip ties or string to secure them.  If the foam has been torn you can replace it with pool noodle cut to correct size and then secure it.  You can also use a power drill to speed up the assembly process.

Assembly time:  Approximately 1 hour for 2 people.



The 5 Feet (60 inch) size is great for 1 or 2 small children to jump at the same time.  If the trampoline will be used by 1 child at a time then the 4 Feet (48 inch) might be a better option, if you are planning to use this as an indoor trampoline.  The netting can be torn by the jumpers holding onto it while jumping, so this type of behavior should be discouraged.  Overall this trampoline is great value for money.



7.5 /10


8.0 /10

Ease of installation

7.5 /10

Value for Money

9.0 /10


  • Can be used Indoor and Outdoor
  • Bungee System


  • Takes times to assemble
  • Netting can tear