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You want to get rid of that unattractive cellulite and lose weight, rebounding exercise is one of the best ways to get you in shape. It is predicted that about 90% of women have been affected with cellulite at some point in their lives. But, it’s not mostly a woman issue, as estimates show that approximately 10% of men are also affected by cellulite.

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Rebounding Exercise Before and After Photos with Cellulite.

Rebounding before and after results from two months of rebounding

Results after one month and two months of rebounding

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Does Cellulite Go Away When You Lose Weight?

You are probably asking whether losing weight will help me get rid of cellulite. There isn’t a clear-cut answer to it. Sure, eating a healthy diet and exercising more will help you lose weight, but it will not cure cellulite. When some people lose weight they get rid of their cellulite but for other people, it is still there. See, the thing is not knowing how fluid is retained in our bodies and how the connective tissues react to changes. The bottom line is it is a great idea to keep fit and healthy and stay in your ideal weight zone.

Will Rebounding Make My Cellulite Go Away?

If you want to look better and reduce your cellulite, rebounding is the best way to do it. The benefits of rebounding for cellulite are tremendous, and a surefire way to mitigate your cellulite issue in your legs, thighs, and other parts of your body. The reason is rebounding helps improve blood circulation in the body. We already mentioned poor blood circulation is what caused the cellulite problem in the first place. Keep in mind; cellulite is a kind of fat. Rebounding exercises will reduce fat, and the more you get rid of it, the more cellulite you lose. We recommend you do rebounding exercises for at least 300 minutes a week to meet your cellulite reduction goal.

Nonetheless, this unattractive-looking fat in the backside and thighs primarily impacts the ladies preventing most from feeling comfortable wearing bikinis, swimsuits, or shorts in the summer.

It is possible to reduce cellulite by doing exercises on a mini-trampoline or a rebounder. Rebounding is a fun way to have exercise and reduce cellulite. To find out more about this, read our article. We have provided all the essential information you need about eliminating that ugly, nasty cellulite from your body.

Rebounding Before and After Testimonials – Rebounding Weight Loss Success Stories

To help you fight against weight gain, cellulite, and other health issues there are several stories of people who have overcome their struggles with rebounding with their before and after stories. Some include encouragement to keep going while others reveal some success stories that will warm your heart!

Paula Dean – Naperville

For years, I hated every minute of my exercise routines. Even the thought of going to an exercise class made me want to in bed. Finally, something happened where this all changed: after buying myself one heck-of-a good rebounder! Now when workout time came around (even though sometimes it was hard), nothing could stop me from enjoying myself because guess what – no more sweating bullets or feeling tired halfway through; just bounce those legs until they look great. I wish I had taken rebounding before and after pictures.

Sarah Lewis – South Nashville

I started doing rebounding about one month ago because of my health issues. I couldn’t do any other exercises, so this was really helpful for getting the lymphatic system moving again without re-injuring my knee! And now that it is working out well and not making things worse than they were before I spend longer on the rebounder which feels great. The main difference I felt after the rebounder weight loss before and after, is that I just have so much more energy. After one month on the trampoline, I lost about 13 lbs.

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What is Cellulite?

While most of us think we know what cellulite is, we may not completely understand what it is and how we got it in the first place. First, cellulite is found in both men and women, although women seem to be affected by it most. Second, cellulite is mainly seen in the backside and thighs and occurs when due to poor blood circulation to those areas. And finally, cellulite forms when collagen breaks down and is replaced by fat cells. It usually develops in your 30s.

Does Cellulite Contribute to Medical Issues?

Cellulite has not yet been reported to cause any medical problems, but there is hardly anyone fond of them. Cellulite in the body can create an unsightly appearance, which everyone wants to avoid. Additionally, there are many reasons for the formation of cellulite, and it varies from person to person. However, the primary cause is reported to be bad blood circulation in the body due to wearing tight clothing. Other most common explanations include genetics, hormonal issues like hormonal imbalances, and eating a diet with high carbs and fat. Moreover, experts also blame the cellulite issue on certain lifestyle factors, like not exercising regularly and smoking.

Some Other Benefits Of Rebounding For Cellulite

Besides toning your legs, thighs, and other parts of your body by removing that vicious cellulite and other excess fat, there are plenty of health benefits of rebounding for cellulite that will make you stay healthy and active. Jumping on a trampoline will:

  • Increase your white blood cells
  • Improve lymphatic system
  • Enhance the circulation of lymphocytes which aids in cellulite breakdown
  • Detoxify your body
  • Increase your overall energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce your varicose veins

Recommended Trampoline Workouts for Cellulite

These trampoline exercises will eliminate cellulite from your body. Remember, all of these exercises should be performed by bouncing for the best results as it will get your lymph system working at full speed.

  1. Squats: A simple exercise that targets your legs and lower body which makes your joints healthy and reduce cellulite
  2. Back and Side-To-Side Kicks: Most cellulite is stored in the legs, and these two exercises will target it in those areas.
  3. The Twist: Doing this workout is easy on a rebounder and will target the cellulite in your hips.
  4. Sprint: The sprinting motion not only targets the cellulite in your legs and thighs but also improve your knee joints.

Final Thoughts

You can win your battle with cellulite if you have the right equipment and do the right exercises. A good rebounder or trampoline is the ideal equipment out there that will not only help you get rid of cellulite but also protect your joints and other body parts. Of course, you must lose excess weight by eating right and ensuring fat does not build up so that cellulite does not reappear.

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