What Are The Benefits of Trampolining For Adults?

Why should the kids have all the fun? By fun, we mean jumping on trampolines. See, trampolines aren’t just another prop at children’s birthday parties; it also doubles as capable workout equipment. The benefits of trampolining for adults are far and large. An increasing number of adults are realizing that trampolines are great to lose weight and reshape your body within a short time. 

We think trampolining is perhaps the most fun and effective exercise for adults. While jumping on a trampoline, the rhythmic up and down movement engages every muscle of your body and stimulates the cells that are responsible for healing and rejuvenation. Trampoline workouts are incredibly beneficial to adults. If you are looking for reasons to invest in a trampoline as workout equipment for your home to lose weight and get healthy then, this article is for you.

The Benefits Of Trampolining For Adults Are Tremendous

One of the reasons a lot of folks out there don’t like to exercise regularly is because it’s boring and no fun. To some extent, we agree that the current weight loss workouts are boring, however, jumping on the trampoline will surely spice things up and make your workouts a lot more enjoyable and fun. No matter what you’re doing, we tend to see better results if we enjoy doing it.

Trampolining is a cardio and aerobic workout, and like any other cardio and aerobic exercises such as walking, running, and cycling, trampoline exercises helps in elevating your heart rate and strengthening your organs. Additionally, jumping on a trampoline keeps your body in a state of constant motion—improving your blood circulation and overall endurance, which burns excess fat in your body.   Other benefits of trampolining for adults is that it does wonders for your legs and thighs by strengthening the leg muscles and bones. Add arm movements to it, and you’ll find jumping on a trampoline is one of the most fun and exciting exercises out there. To make your trampoline workouts a little bit more challenging, you can use ankle weights, which will help you see better results sooner than you expected.

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10 Benefits Of Trampolining For Adults

Here are ten reasons why trampoline exercises are beneficial to adults:

  1. Jumping Helps Increase Bone Density And Prevents Osteoporosis

Regular jumping increases bone density and prevents osteoporosis in older adults as it maintains bone mass. Bones tend to become stronger if they go under stress and become weak when little or no stress is applied. One surefire way to this is to work against gravity, and jumping on a trampoline is the perfect example.  Did it occur to you that astronauts can lose up to 15% of their bone and muscle mass in space within 14 days at zero gravity? Trampolining provides your entire body the G-force it needs, which strengthens the bones and muscles without causing injuries to the hips, back, knees, and ankles.

  1. Jumping Fortifies The Body Cells

It is estimated that there are around 37 trillion cells in the body, and rebounding on a trampoline will cause these cells to move up and down. There will be stress exerted on each cell—thanks to gravity and G-force, which will make the cells stronger as it adapts to it, increasing the cells’ energy and mitochondrial function in the process. Having good cellular health is imperative for your overall health and well-being. Your body cells become susceptible to DNA damages when they malfunction, which can lead to various chronic and degenerative diseases. Therefore, if you want to be in sound health, you need your body cells’ health and function in the optimal condition.

  1. Jumping Helps In The Detoxification And Improvement of Lymphatic Circulation

Having a well-functioning lymphatic system is essential for eliminating toxins from the body. Today, we are living in a world where we are perpetually exposed to harmful pollutants and toxins in our air, food, and water, and even from the products we use. It is crucial to rid these toxins effectively from your system for good health. The body’s lymphatic system plays a pivotal role in detoxification. Jumping on a trampoline will improve your lymphatic system because, unlike the circulatory system with the heart as its pump, the lymphatic system requires body movements for the lymphatic fluid to circulate.  If you have unprecedented levels of toxins in your body, it can lead to recurring infections, cancers, and other illnesses. Thus, a healthy lymphatic system is vital if you want a functioning and youthful body.

  1. Trampolining Increases Lung Capacity And Oxygen Intake

According to a NASA study, trampolining helps increase cellular oxygenation. Jumping on a trampoline helps in the circulation of oxygen throughout the body resulting in increased energy. If your body is optimally oxygenated, it becomes inhospitable to various disease-causing germs and cellular mutations. Furthermore, trampolining regularly will improve your overall strength and enhance your resistance to flu, colds, and other viral infections.

  1. Trampolining Helps In Weight Loss

Another benefit of trampolining for adults is that it has shown to improve the metabolic rate, which aids in weight loss. Rebounding is an ideal calorie-burning activity compared to walking and running.  Moreover, studies reveal that an individual’s metabolic rate remains elevated state for nearly 24 hours after the activity. So, if you are looking for an efficient weight-loss exercise, consider trampolining. Besides being a good exercise, jumping on a trampoline also helps in enhancing lymphatic circulation for ridding the body of toxins, which also aids in your weight loss efforts.

  1. Trampolining Develops Mental Capacity And Improves Mental Health

Regular trampoline workouts significantly promote blood circulation, allowing the blood to deliver more oxygen to the brain. Increased supply of oxygen to the brain supports mental focus and capability as well as improvement of mental capacity, which is essential for children with reading and writing. Furthermore, bouncing on the trampoline triggers the release of endorphins, commonly known as “feel good” hormones, which uplifts your mood and boosts self-confidence.

  1. Jumping On A Trampoline Improves Immunity

You need to have and maintain a robust immune system to prevent diseases and ward off infections. Studies reveal that G-force can help promote human lymphocyte activity. Lymphocytes are specialized WBCs or white blood cells that kill bacteria and viruses as well as cancer cells, ultimately defending the body from diseases and illnesses. Only ten minutes of trampolining can triple the number of white blood cells in the body, and it stays that way for up to an hour. The lymphatic system transports these immune cells all over the body, enhancing your immune function.

  1. Jumping On Trampolines Aids In Digestion And Improves The Digestive System

Trampolining helps with digestion because the rebounding motion stimulates the contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the digestive tract. If you have a healthy digestive system, the body will be able to process and absorb more nutrients. This will reduce your symptoms associated with nutritional deficiencies, which is mostly seen in people with weakened digestive systems. When the body has all the necessary nutrients, it can easily self-heal and rejuvenate. Moreover, improved digestive peristalsis makes the food pass more quickly in the intestines, making it easy for you to eliminate waste and get rid of constipation.

  1. Trampolining Helps Improves Balance, Posture, and Coordination

The benefits of trampolining for adults is that it helps in improving balance, posture, and coordination. Jumping on trampolines will stimulate your ocular nerves helping your body to react to situations quickly. A Brazilian study concluded that trampoline workouts have significantly improved the ability of older people to regain their balance during a fall. This is incredible as a fall for an older adult can result in severe head injuries or bone fractures. Additionally, another exciting research done in Australia revealed that rebounding helped athletes with ankle sprains to recover their balance. Moreover, trampolining has also been beneficial in easing many back, neck, and joint pain as well as improving spinal alignment conditions.

  1. Trampolining Strengthens Eye Muscles

Jumping on a trampoline strengthens the eye muscles and your ocular nerves resulting in better eyesight. Myopia or nearsightedness has become a pandemic among young people in many parts of East Asia, such as Singapore and China. Many factors are responsible for it, but one way to reduce myopia is by trampolining. Eyes also have muscles, and like any other muscle in the body, they must be exercised for better eye health and sharp eyesight. Otherwise, the eye lenses will lose their shape, and regular jumping on a trampoline will help in rectifying it, restoring them to their original form.

Final Words

At last but not least, jumping on the trampoline is such a fun and straightforward activity, anyone can do it. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, trampoline workouts are immensely benefitting for your health. Trampolining for five minutes every day can significantly improve your overall health, strengthen your muscles and bones, help you lose weight, and boost your aerobic capacity over time. Overall, the benefits of trampolining for adults are remarkable, and most doctors now are recommending trampolining as an excellent workout activity.

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