How Cycling Can Keep You Young

Cycling is a proven method to stay fit and look younger. There are several health benefits that accompany cycling. Adults over 65 years of age that ride at least 30 minutes and thrice a week are less likely to have an age-related physical decline in walking efficiency. This is when compared to adults that walk for exercise. 

Older cyclists maintain a walking efficiency similar to adults in their twenties(1). Good walking efficiency means you don’t have to experience difficulties walking at a given pace. You will be able to move around without easily getting tired, even at old age. That is, older adults that participate regularly in high aerobic activities especially cycling (2), have what is referred to as a lower metabolic cost of walking than older adults that walk for exercise. Hence, it is safe to say cycling is connected to longevity and vitality.

Also, cycling has many positive influences on our metabolic process, agility, and overall younger look. It wouldn’t be a surprise that so many people want to know how this simple exercise does it. Wouldn’t you also want to know how cycling works that magic? Well, me too!

Interestingly, the aging process is not just a product of genetics. Your eating habit and the type of lifestyle you live are also important factors. If you had hereditary genetics of diabetes from your parents, then obviously taking sugar would make you prone to easily getting on as a diabetes patient. However, cycling plays an important role in slowing down the aging process.

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Looking and feeling younger is all about having a great immune system. Notably, there are ways cycling helps to boost your immune system. Generally, the immune system regresses by 2-3% every year from the age of twenty. This is why old people get easily affected and susceptible to many infections like rheumatoid arthritis.

According to Janet Lord, the director of the Institute of Inflammation and Aging at the University of Birmingham explained that “any cyclist irrespective of the age has immune system equivalent to that of a 20-years old.” This means a 70-years old cyclist can ward off these infections that should’ve easily affected his immune system.”

The anti-aging advantage of cycling is a big reason for you to consider picking up a bike today and start the exercise. Research shows that cyclists have an active T-cell in contrast to inactive men and women. Admirably, T-cells play a vital role in the fight against infections and toxic substances in the blood and body.

Till today, the physiological and psychological benefits of cycling are continually studied. There isn’t any conclusive research about all the health-related benefits (3) of cycling you can enjoy. However, we know that the body and muscle generously stiffen up the older we get. It is an additional advantage that cycling can give the flexibility that is not common amongst older people.

Wrapping Up

Cycling is great for keeping your body healthy and young while also strengthening your immune system. Even in your old age, cycling will make your muscles flexible and stay fit as if you are in your twenties. There are numerous health benefits of cycling. Indeed, cycling can keep you young and fit.

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