Super Jumper Combo 14 Feet Trampoline


Trampoline Size: 14 Feet

Enclosure: Yes

Enclosure Height:  98 inches

Recommended ages:  6 years and over

Weight capacity:  330 lb


If you are looking for a family trampoline that is good value for money then the Super Jumper Combo 14 Feet Trampoline is a good choice.   There is enough space for three or four kids to jump on the trampoline at the same.


Super Jumper Combo 14 feet Trampoline comes with four galvanized steel w-shaped legs which provide added support and safety for multiple kids on the trampoline.  The trampoline’s mat comes with a UV coating to prevent any sun damage.  It also comes with a safety pad to cover the springs.  The safety enclosure has a zipper door and 8 galvanized steel poles are padded with EPE foam and U clips to attach the enclosure net to the trampoline.


Assembling the Super Jumper Combo 14 Feet Trampoline is best done by two people.  The instructions included with the trampoline do need to be improved.  It is also a good idea when attaching the springs to spread the tension over the whole trampoline.  Attach one spring on one side, then attached the next spring on the opposite side of the trampoline.  Then attach the next spring a quarter of the way around the trampoline and the on the opposite side of the trampoline.  So you have 4 sections around the trampoline where you are attaching one spring then moving to the opposite location.

Assembly Time: 2 people 1.5 hours


This is a great trampoline for older kids or a trampoline that the family can grow into. The only criticism for this trampoline is that the safety enclosure net attaches to the outside of the springs whereas other brands attach to the inside of the springs.  If you like the features of the Super Jumper Combo 14 Feet Trampoline but want something smaller, this trampoline also comes in 6 Feet and 10 Feet versions or if you are looking for something bigger there is a 16 Feet version.


  • Good value for money


  • The safety net is attached on the outside of the springs
  • Instructions are not very clear

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