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Best Trampoline Accessories

Take a look at these great trampoline accessories. There are so many things that can be added to the trampoline to keep the kids interested and off the electronics.

This Sprinkler Turns Your Trampoline into the Must-Have Summer Toy

Adding a trampoline sprinkler to your trampoline will take it to the next level. This is great in the summer weather to have a sprinkler system to cool you down. The trampoline sprinklers come in multiple sizes (32 feet and 39 feet).

It is very simple to install. Just attached the sprinkler hose with cable ties and then attach to your hose. Amazon has a few different trampoline sprinkler systems that you can choose from. This will enable you to get the correct size sprinkler system for your trampoline. I put up my trampoline sprinkler every summer and the kids also like put on washing up liquid and slide around. The kids will have hours of fun splashing around in the trampoline mister. What could be more fun for the summer.

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Trampoline Slide Ladder and Trampoline Ramp

This is a great trampoline accessory. The kids just love climbing up the trampoline slide ladder and then sliding down.  They can also use it as a trampoline ramp and roll balls down, and come up with their own creative play.

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Trampoline Anchors

Trampoline anchors will help to keep your trampoline in the same spot, even when you have a lot of jumpers on the trampoline.

The more weight you have on the trampoline ie, 3 jumpers, the more you will need to have trampoline stakes to secure the position.

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Lights For Trampoline

Adding lights to your trampoline is a great way to encourage kids to play in a more creative way.

You can also easily add solar lights for the trampoline and don’t need to worry about connecting them to the electricity.

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Trampoline Water Balloons

Image of trampoline Water balloons on trampoline

Another great trampoline accessory is water balloons. Who doesn’t want to bounce around jumping on bunch o balloons? This will be hours of fun for the kids.

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Giant Water Balloon

A giant water balloon is a great accessory for the trampoline. Can you image the kids with Giant Balloon on the trampoline, hours of fun!

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Trampoline Tent

Transform your normal trampoline into an amazing trampoline tent. This is more than just a tent cover for your trampoline. It can be used as a clubhouse, fort, and even a place for a sleepover.

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Trampoline Ladder

This is a great ladder for the trampoline as it also comes with 2 pouches which are great for storing shoes or phones.

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Trampoline Spring Pull Tool

This Spring Hook Tool is amazing. It makes hooking the springs on to the trampoline frame so easy. Once you have used this tool you will wonder why you didn’t buy one earlier. For me, the trampoline spring pull tool is compulsory to assemble a trampoline.

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Trampoline Pole Covers

This trampoline pole padding is great to slip over the poles. It will protect the kid’s heads, arms, and legs from hitting the metal poles.

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Trampoline Basketball Hoop

The kids will be slam dunking like a pro. Jumping as high as they can and dunking the ball. This is probably the most popular trampoline accessory – The Basketball Hoop.

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Trampoline Net 14ft

Safety first! Always check your net is in good condition. You can just order a replacement trampoline net if you find any holes.

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We are always looking for the Best Trampoline Accessories. Let us know your favorites.

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